Ways Business Owners Can Overcome Their Fears

Fear is a powerful instinct, one that colors many of our decisions whether were aware of it or not. Think about it: how often are you influenced, or even paralyzed, by your fears of what could go wrong? Yet some people have figured out how to use fear to their advantage, to harness fears energy to help them get things done. How can you be one of those people? Below are five ideas to help you move away from fear and toward action.

1 – Reframe. Whats important is not what happens to you, but how you view it. Frequently our fears are based not on reality, but on a story weve made up about something that happened in the past. You had an unpleasant experience, you drew some conclusions about it, and now you have a negative belief about that event. Any time a similar situation comes up, you automatically shrink from it. What if you look for other possible ways to tell that story? Or even re-tell the story and have it end with a positive outcome?

2 – Remove the unknown. Fear was causing my client Maxine, an environmental consultant, to drag her feet on getting an important proposal out the door. During our coaching meeting, I asked her, “Whats the worst that could happen?” Maxine thought for a moment. “Well, the worst would be that after putting all this work into the proposal, the prospect rejects it.” And the best thing that could happen? “The company agrees to the proposal, and I get to work on a project Ive wanted for years!” Looking at the potential upsides and downsides made Maxine realize the possible rewards for getting her proposal finished far outweighed the risks.

3 – Record it. Stefan woke at 2:30 a.m. racked with anxiety about a problem with the months financial numbers. As he watched the clock turn to 3 a.m., he remembered what Id told him to do whenever his mind starts going on endless loop. He turned on the light, picked up pen and paper, and wrote down all the thoughts in his head. When he was done, he fell asleep knowing he had some good ideas about how to fix the situation (and that hed remember them!). Writing down your worries lets you quit traveling the same mental pathways over and over and take control of the situation.

4 – Reposition yourself. Instead of slumping and making yourself appear smaller, stand up straight, hold your head up, and look people in the eye. Believe it or not, placing yourself in a posture of confidence and power can actually affect your body chemistry and give you the boost you need to break out of your fear. Click here to watch a Ted talk on this subject by social psychologist Amy Cuddy.

5 – Remember to breathe. Youre standing at the podium and the butterflies in your stomach have just transformed into boulders. What do you do? According to communication expert Cheryl Dolan, deep belly breathing is the most powerful antidote to stage fright  or any other situation you perceive as threatening. “It slows your heart rate, focuses your mind, and instantly interrupts the fight-or-flight chemicals in your central nervous system, allowing you to be calm and responsive vs. reactive and anxious,” Dolan says.

Lastly, take a minute to consider how fear might spur you to become even more successful in your business. In a recent Success magazine interview, inventor and entrepreneur Ray Kurzweil noted that some people are so afraid of failure that they dont even try. He prefers to see failure as only a setback, part of a growth process that can then be built upon. He even has a special term for failure: success deferred.

Nice reframe, Ray!

Panic Attacks The Fear of Humiliation is Part of an Anxiety Sufferers Daily Life!

Have you ever felt like people were watching you? Have you ever felt self conscious and nervous simply walking down the street? What if you ran into someone you knew and had to talk to them? What if people are laughing at you?

These are just some of thoughts that might be coursing through the mind of a person struggling with social phobia, generalized anxiety or a number of other anxiety conditions.

The worst thing that an anxiety sufferer fears beyond all of these worries is that other people will see or know they are afraid. Struggling with the fear of embarrassment and the worry of discovery are daily occupations for phobia, panic attack and anxiety sufferers.

These fears often remain hidden because people are unable or unwilling to talk about them and fear the reaction of others when told about these fear based problems.

Many anxiety sufferers may find their sleep disturbed worrying about an upcoming meeting. Even after the meeting is over and relief has set in, the memory of the meeting and the anticipation of the next one are at the forefront of your thoughts, leaving you worried, nervous and once again without sleep.

Anxiety sufferers and particularly social phobia sufferers will find themselves analyzing every little thing they did in the meeting and harping over it for days, even weeks to come. Its this over scrutiny that heightens the negative anticipation for the next group gathering.

As most people have experienced at one time or another, when you obsess over the minutiae of every little thing, it magnifies the event in your mind and makes it seem vastly more important than it is.

Anxiety or social phobia can strike people young or old, at work, school or at home. Next time youre in school, take a look around at the class the first day, how many empty seats are there? At least a few people skipped class that first day to avoid having to introduce themselves and be embarrassed.

They may have been nervous or afraid of looking weak and nervous to their classmates. They didnt want to tremble, whisper, shake or have their voice quiver. All of these events probably made the anxiety sufferer physically ill.

Some of these situations may sound familiar and may indicate that you have social phobia or another anxiety based condition. This is hardly the end of the world! In fact, you now know what the problem is and you also know it can be resolved.

The best way to kick this problem is through cognitive behavior therapy which works through a process of gradual exposure to that which you fear. Its important to have a support person with you when you take on these exposure exercises.

The good thing about this approach is that it helps most people resolve their problems without medication. While medications are certainly helpful and maybe even necessary in certain severe cases, many people want to avoid them and their side effects. This is understandable and where non-prescription solutions like cognitive behavior therapy comes into play.

However, like any treatment, it does take time and consistent effort on your part. Make the commitment to make a better life for yourself.

Can A Private Label Rights Ebook Help Grow Your Online Business

There are lots of people who use PLR eBooks on a daily basis to help them grow their business. There are many ways that the private label rights eBook can be a benefit to helping your business. You can do some research to discover how other people are using these eBooks to help them with their business. The more you learn about a PLR eBook the more ways you’ll have to use them.

Here are some of the ways that you can make use of the plr eBook for your business.

One: You can take the plr eBook as is and give it away to your subscribers of your ezine. This is a good incentive for getting people to sign up to your ezine.

Two: You can also take the eBook apart and set up some special reports that you are able to give away on your site or to subscribers to your newsletter. Depending on the size of the eBook you could end up with 2 or more special reports that you can use for your business.

Three: You may also rewrite the plr eBook so that it has your voice and is one-of-a-kind to anyone else that got the same private label rights eBook. This will give you your own eBook that you may give away that’s unique or you may sell it as your own product. Either way, if you are going to rewrite it, you want to Make sure that you rewrite enough that it’s your own in your own voice.

Four: Another choice is to take the plr eBook and pair it up with other private label rights eBooks to put in a package that you may give away or sell. You need to Make sure that the eBook that you make use of can be put into a package though. Some of the private label rights eBooks do not want you to do this. So check with each of the plr’s before you do this with any eBook.

These are just a few of the ways that you may make use of a PLR eBook for your business. There are other ways that you may make use of the private label rights eBook if you put your brain to it. Learn how others are using these eBooks so that you can come up with creative and effective ways to make use of eBooks to help you grow your business. you’ll be glad that you did when you end up with a wonderful marketing tool for your business.

Uncovering About The Magic Behind The Three Conflicts Of The Female Mind Pandora’s Box By Vin Dicarlo How It Can Help Males Accept Girlfriends Psychologies

If you plainly wanted to know more about babes then Pandora’s Box Guide To Female Mind from Vin Di Carlo is you beyond any doubt for you.

His products and seminars sell very well which makes him as one of the most brilliant pickup trainers in the history of pick up. Likewise, he has a very a lot followers of students who use his advice to be successful with ladies. Among his other brilliant dating and pick up advice are The Attraction Code and Dominant Sexual Power.

As chief editor at Dating Skills Review I review and probe reviews by other editors for a lot of dating advice for gentlemen products. And believe it or not, large number of them are not very good.

For some reason dating and pick up advice attracts a lot not very good products and services, fraudsters, scams and just not ‘delivering on their promise’ products. Pandora Box System from Vin DiCarlo nonetheless is an exception. This product, Pandora’s Box, is extraordinary and can indubitably help those who are having difficulties to get to have a knowledge of girlies and offers good information on how to realize them more completely. This could doubtlessly supply you with great aid – things when it comes to dating, love, attraction, and of course romance.

This state-of-the-art product, is a dating course (or shall we call it psychological apparatus) that provides boys with the prime manners and methods to babes with inconsistent personalities. Its premise is to provide you some classifications of ladies in terms of psychology towards attraction and sex, and to tell you what they are responsive to, what they resist or avoid and ultimately what are the know-hows that best fits them – and they are most comfortable with. It is indeedthe first department of the overall Pandora’s Box Dating program. The “32 week PhD in Female Psychology” is the second chunk of this program where you will undergo a 32-week engagement session.

So the way it is planned is that you sign up and acquire some ebooks to teach you the basics of the instruction, and then in order to earn more detail and support on how to use the information you can stay on the 32 week PhD in Female Psychology for as long as you feel necessary (to the end if desired).

This program can provide you with some great things. But you know what? I am going to jump straight in and tell you what is The BAD first. I think it is better and I find it helpful to begin with the negative side.

The first one. This class is unequivocally high-priced. You pay $69.95 for the initial ebook program. Staying subscribed to 32 week PhD in Female Psychology requires you to pay $24.77 weekly. Once you pay for the ebook you have 14 days before your account will be deducted (unless you cancel the enlistment before reaching the 14th day. Bottomline is that this is the most expensive dating advice for dudes that you can purchase.

Want to gain how this correlates? Assume as if you stay as a member for the whole 32-week. $800 will be the total cost of staying to this 32 week program. Other dating companies, potentially not as good, run services of bootcamps for a weekend where you can obtain personal coaching for around $1000. Some which are considered as better charge $2500. In Pandora’s Box A Man’s Guide, remember that this is an online instruction and you are going to pay as if you are in a low end personal coaching session.

Furthermore another thing that you need to understand is that there are plenty of advertising included in it. Decidedly you will get a bit disturbed if you are being marketed within the products that you have bought. These are advertisements like bootcamps where you are not provided with sufficient information.

Additionally, in the initial ebook the practice advice is pretty poor. If you are not good with this you may find this hard to do. The 32 week PhD in Female Psychology, if you stay enlisted, will serve you recognize more and make you good with this.

And that’s all the BAD things about it.

Vocal Nodules Are Nasty Little Critters. How Do You Get Rid Of Them

You go to the doctor because you have a blister on your arm. “How do I get this to go away?” you ask as you rub furiously on the blister. He says “Why don’t you stop rubbing it?” You say: “Duh. Why didn’t I think of that?”

Vocal nodules are little blisters which grow on the vocal cords when you rub them too much. So how do you rub the vocal cords? (You can’t get your hand in there) Every time you strain to hit high notes, or force too much volume, or growl excessively, or sing too far down in your throat (the Yogi Bear or Rocky Balboa sound)…or otherwise abuse your voice by incorrect singing, you are forming, rubbing and irritating the blisters.

Let”s start by setting your mind at ease. Nodules (nodes) and polyps on the vocal cords are not some sort of death sentence for a singing career. Way too much false information and rumors are bouncing around scaring singers into either quitting singing altogether or having unneeded surgery. Let’s look at the actual facts, and hopfully set your mind at ease if you have been diagnosed with vocal cord nodules or other growths.

If you experience hoarseness for a period of two weeks or more get your vocal cords checked by a specialist. Prolonged hoarseness is a sign of nodules growing on your cords. The problem could be something else, but either way you need a checkup.

Many doctors are all too anxious to remove your little blisters (nodules) by surgery, when that usually doesn’t have to be done at all. (Get a second opinion) So what do you do when your doctor tells you you have nodules? Stop rubbing them and they will go away. It takes a whole lot of wrong singing to “rub” your nodule so much that it requires surgery. A blister has to calcify before it requires surgery to remove it. Calcification takes time, and a whole lot of “rubbing”.

So what do you do? First, stop singing for a while to let the swelling go down. This doesn’t take long. When your hoarseness goes away your nodule is probably going down. Then find a good singing teacher. Often doctors will recommend your seeing a speech therapist, but a qualified singing teacher can usually achieve the same results at much less cost.

The thing is, you have been “rubbing” a blister or two on your vocal cords, and you must stop doing that by building new habits. Correct breathing techniques, practice in thinning the sound as you move higher, learning to support the sound with other muscles, getting your sound out of the throat and into the mouth and head; these are all things which can be learned from a good singing teacher.

Panic Away – Panic Away Ebook Download

Panic Away is an online popular and successful panic attacks treatment guide. Panic Away, which is also known as Panic Portal, was created by Joe Barry, a former sufferer of panic attacks and a researcher in the field of Panic, anxiety, and phobias. According to the author, panic attack is not a disease or mental disorder, but a behavioral problem that can be corrected once you know how to remove the fear of another panic attack. It seems the panic away one move technique (now called 21-7 technique) teaches you the exact steps to do this. One of the best way to end your anxiety and panic attacks is by following Joe Berrys relaxation methods, and stop waiting for another attack to take place. However, the Panic Away is dedicated for anyone that suffers from any form of anxiety, including OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) and panic attacks. Over 40,000 people have used Panic Away already, and the number is continuing to increase. It has clearly cured many anxiety and panic attack sufferers, definitely it cannot be described as a scam. It has been proven that over 95% of those that have joined Panic Away have been successfully cured, all you need to do is to follow the guide correctly, the program works, people fail, it is as simple as that. Some of the most advanced relaxation techniques as well as one-on-one coaching are included in the program, as well some bonus features.
Whats included in Panic Away By Joe Barry? This product comes in digital form so that you can download it immediately after purchasing it over Internet. The payment processing is secure and without any risks. The product includes an e-book that provides illustrations and explanation of all the steps in an easy to follow manner. For those who like to view things rather than reading, there is a DVD for fast tracking recovery. The third component is some audio CDs that you can listen even when traveling. And then there is lifetime membership to the panic away forum, which according to many users is the ultimate help for a panic attack sufferer. Panic Away also comes with a 100% refund policy that states that if for any reason you dont find Panic Away effective, you can return it anytime within an 8 week period.

Understanding Mental Health

Mental health is as important as physical health. Still, millions of Americans suffer with various types of mental illness and mental health problems, such as social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, addiction to drugs and alcohol, and personality disorders. Mental illness and psychological disorders have good treatment options with medications, psychotherapy, or other treatments.

Mental health concerns everyone. It affects our ability to cope with and manage change, life events and transitions such as bereavement or retirement. All human beings have mental health needs, no matter what the state of their psyche. This book is written specifically for those who want to have an introduction to mental health, mental illness and mental health problems. It is written in simple language from a person that is curious about the subject and wants to share with you his research.

My curiosity about what makes certain people successful, drove me into the road of mental health. I am not an expert in the subject of mental illness ad treatments, thus before any actions to self-treat or self-diagnose your mental health status you should consult with a qualified physician who can properly diagnose and treat any potential mental illnesses. What became clear to me is that there is more to good health than just a physically healthy body: a healthy person should also have a healthy mind. A person with a healthy mind should be able to think clearly, should be able to solve the various problems faced in life, should enjoy good relations with friends, colleagues at work and family, and should feel spiritually at ease and bring happiness to others in the community.

Why should you be concerned about mental illness?

As mentioned earlier, our mental health affect how we perceive many aspects of our lives. It is an integral part of our whole health. There are many reasons why you need to be concerned about
mental illnesses.:

Because they affect us all. It is estimated that one in five of all adults will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime.
Because they are a major public health burden. Studies from nearly every corner of the world show that as much as 40% of all adults attending general health care services are suffering from some kind of mental illness.
Because they are very disabling. Even though the popular belief is that mental illnesses are less serious than physical illness, they do in fact produce severe disability. They can also cause death, as a result of suicide and accidents.

The World Health Report from the World Health Organization in 2001 found that four out of the ten
most disabling conditions in the world were mental illnesses. Depression was the most disabling disorder, ahead of anemia, malaria and all other health problems.

Because mental health services are very inadequate. Specialists spend most of their time caring for people who suffer from “severe mental disorders” (psychoses). These are quite rare, but are also the very diseases that the community associates with mental illness. Most people with the much commoner types of mental health problems, such as depression or alcohol problems, would not consult a mental health specialist.
Because mental illness leads to stigma. Most people with a mental health problem would never admit to it. Those with a mental illness are often discriminated against by the community and even their own family.
Because mental illness can be treated with simple, relatively inexpensive methods. This is the good news! It is true that many mental illnesses cannot be cured. However, many physical illnesses, such as cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis, are also not curable. Yet, much can be done to improve the quality of life of those who suffer these conditions and the same applies to mental illness.

It is important to understand mental health so we can help ourselves and our loved ones. The stigma often associated with the many forms of mental illnesses is very real. For example, many people with bipolar disorder or other mental illnesses are afraid to share their condition with other people for fear of ridicule or judgment. The stigma is so real in fact many will avoid telling friends or family of their mental condition. Many people with bipolar disorder face stigma and discomfort from well-meaning friends and family members that don’t really understand bipolar disorder. It is common for patients with bipolar disorder to feel misunderstood. Unfortunately even many health care providers carry with them a biased attitude toward bipolar patients. Many have a difficult time focusing on the real reason a person is in their office. Instead they focus on the mental health issue.

Here are some small steps patients and family members can take to help overcome the stigma associated with mental illness:

* Always accept your condition for what it is.
* Never attempt to hide your condition for fear that others will be un-accepting or misunderstand you.
* Educate friends and family. Direct them to a number of sites that help explain bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. Great reference sites include the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
* Confidently explain that one if five people suffers from some form of mental illness or another.
* Remember that you are more an insider than you realize.
* One out of every five of your friends, acquaintances or associates likely suffers from some form of mental illness. -Use support groups to help bolster your self-confidence and promote your inner peace and well-being.

If you are interested in learning more about mental health, I have compiled an easy to read and understand e-book “Understanding Mental Health” were I cover types, causes, and treatments available.

Radio Station Promotions Ideas

By Dan O’Day

Many radio station promotion directors think the only thing you need for a
successful radio contest or promotion is a clever idea. Good ideas are
wonderful. But you need to know how to translate those ideas into
ratings, revenue…or both.

Today we’re going to focus on “on-air” contests; contests or promotions
that become part of your programming.

Here are the four factors that make an on-air contest listenable:

* Prize

* Game

* Execution

* Air Talent’s X-Factor

Let’s take a look at each of these components in a little more detail…


For “everyday” contests, there are four types of “good” prizes:

1. Valuable

2. Affinity

3. Exclusive

4. Stupid-But-Cool.

VALUABLE PRIZES: One hundred dollars cash. GPS devices. Tickets to a
hot concert.

(Note that I did NOT say, “Tickets to the Boat Show, Auto Show, etc.”)

AFFINITY PRIZES: Station t-shirts, jackets, thumb flash drives with your
station logo, etc. Something very cool-looking that enables your listeners
to acknowledge their relationship to your brand.

Take, for example, Harley-Davidson motorcycles. If you want to get rich
selling to people who buy Harley-Davidson motorcycles, do NOT go into
the motorcycle business. Sell them OTHER stuff imprinted with the
Harley-Davidson logo. Harley owners are the absolute best kind of
consumer: proud fanatics.

What can you buy with the Harley-Davidson logo on it? Shirts, caps, shot
glasses, pool tables, coasters, coffee mugs, ash trays, piggy banks, boots,
jackets, sunglasses, clocks, bean-bag animals, wire sculptures, knives,
lighters, chaps, shorts, jackets, vests, halter tops, plates….The list is

Why? Harley owners have a strong affinity to the Harley brand. It’s not
just a mode of transportation…or even a motorcycle. It’s a way of life.

Harley owners have a strong relationship with the Harley brand.

And that’s the key word with “affinity” prizes: Relationship. If you don’t
care about your listeners and they don’t care about you, “affinity” prizes
probably aren’t your best choice.

The stronger your relationship with your core audience, the more they will
respond to “affinity” prizes.

EXCLUSIVE PRIZES: Backstage concert pass….Private concert….Private
screening….One-of-a-kind memorabilia….Lunch with a celebrity.

STUPID-BUT-COOL PRIZES: This is most effective when it’s also an Affinity
Prize. The ideal Stupid-But-Cool prize is one that you would never pay
for…but which you would stand in line to receive for free.

Sometimes in my seminars I give the example of Peter Holmes at
England’s BREEZE AM who gave away…personalized bath plugs. A
wonderfully stupid prize that loyal listeners go crazy for.


Does simply describing the contest make your audience want to listen?
(Most on-air contests fail this test.)


Does the jock present the contest itself in a way that maximizes its


You’ve got a prize no one wants to win, delivered by a contest that isn’t
worth listening to.

The only thing that can save your radio station is the individual jock’s
ability to make something out of nothing. Or, more accurately, to blend
his/her personality with that of the caller to create a human encounter
that is worth listening to.

Yes, a great jock often can save a lame contest.

But that’s like expecting the record producer to “fix it in the mix,” or
giving bad commercial copy to the voice actor and saying, “Make it

If you routinely depend upon your air talent to save the station’s on- air
contests, you’ve got serious promotion problems.

Zara’s Curse by Andrew Domonkos – An Ebook Review

The new vampire-thrilled, Zara’s Curse, is gaining some serious steam in the genre.

Written by a basically unheard of Author, Andrew Domonkos, the book is a wonderful example of vampire books done right.

The book follows Zara Lane, who has just turned 21. Zara and her “friend” Abby Winters are going out for their usual birthday celebration. This year they decide to hit the hot new club simply called the Church: a former church that has been converted into a Goth-themed bar in downtown Denver. Abby is rather an annoying character, but Zara is highly likable. She is quick-witted and doesn’t mope around like the usual Bella-clones that dominate these types of books.

When the two girls meet two handsome but very different young men at the bar, it sets off a series of events that throws Zara into a mysterious world of vampires and psychopaths.

The two guys: Drake and Micah, are different in every way. Drake is obnoxious (like Abby) and acts like the usual macho jerks Zara can’t stand, while Micah is quiet, sensitive, and charming in every way.

As Zara falls deeper in love with her new crush, her hipster friend Twig–equipped with ironic mustache and everything–becomes agitated and suspicious of the new union, and threatens to thwart it, which only annoys Zara further.

When Twig and Zara attend Micah’s family’s party, Zara has no idea that Twig is hiding much more than he is admitting to.

Zara’s Curse is the first book in the exciting new Empire of Fangs series. What really appealed to me about the novelette (117 pages) is that it never bores, and is always introducing you to some new twist or turn. It is funny when it wants to be, and often dramatic, with some intense fight scenes.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves the genre of vampire fiction or paranormal romance. It kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting more.

I think this series might give Twilight a run for its money. Or at least make a few ripples.

You can find the book on the amazon marketplace:

Zara’s Curse on Amazon

or you can check out the official website.

Zara’s Curse

Raising Kids in the Ghetto – Close Relationships are the Key

Well, I’m still remembering and reminiscing about the days when my children were little. I’ll share a few more stories about raising kids in the ghetto.

We ended up in this run-down neighborhood when we bought a house and fixed it up. It was the nicest place in the entire neighborhood, but it would not sell because no one who could afford to buy it wanted to live there.

It was cold outside and my son was playing in the backyard. He wanted to warm things up a bit. When things heated up a bit too much he came running into the house with this terrified look on his face.

“Mmmmmommy?” I could tell something was wrong. Observant, aren’t I?

“What is it?”

“F-f-f-fire! Mm-m-momie!”

“Tell Mommy what happened. You aren’t in trouble, just tell me….”

He didn’t have to. I looked out the window to see the playhouse engulfed in smoke. I ran out of the house, grabbed the hose, and ran to the rescue. It was only a matter of minutes before everything was under control, but my daughter has been mad at her brother ever since for melting her plastic stove; dishes, play food, and all.

Those are accidents, and I suppose every kid has at least one to tell about. Then, there are things that adults do that are truly stupid. Like the guy who lived across the street from us. He would get drunk and lay in the ditch night after night until the police came out to get him back into the house when someone finally complained of his moaning. And the two gals who lived next door who fought all the time. One day the blond got into her car and tried to run over the redhead. She missed the first time so she took a second and a third try until she succeeded in penning her against the concrete wall with the bumper with no place to run. Then she proceeded to beat her. I was watching out my bedroom window. I was on hold with the police station…again.

I thought things couldn’t get any worse. Then, another set of renters moved in after the “ladies” were evicted. This family had some bad dogs that were so vicious I couldn’t let my kids play in our own front yard. The dogs tore everyone’s trash out and strew it all over our yard; trash that included the front leg of some animal, probably a deer since it was hunting season. I called the landlord and the police. I was told there was nothing that could be done unless I could get the dogs into captivity on my property. My son’s bb gun took care of that situation right away. Mommas can shoot too! I just can’t hit a target, but the sweet pup was tied securely to my front porch ready for their ride to the Animal Shelter later that afternoon.

One day I was doing my quilting or playing piano and minding my own business when the GBI came to my front door asking questions about my neighbor. I was asked to identify a hat he wore often. The next morning after I got my kids off to school, I awoke to a loud noise in the backyard. People were screaming and hollering (that’s southern for yelling). By the time I found my eyeglasses, a policeman was straddling atop my neighbor’s back. The young man was lying face down in my petunias while the officer placed handcuffs to arrest him right there in my backyard. His crime? He had killed a woman that he had picked up at the bar down the street. He then stuffed her body into the trunk of a car, drove the car to a local park, left it there, and got a ride home like nothing had happened. Only in the movies, so I thought.

Raising kids in the ghetto is much more difficult than raising them in a safe neighborhood. The key to keeping kids safe is to make friends with your neighbors so you know who you can trust. Then, you help look out for one anothers kids. You have to know where your kids are all the time and youd better have a close relationship with them if you want to survive. Praying a lot helps too.

Well, that’s enough of remembering for one day. I get to sleep late in the morning. I think I’ll go to bed early and get a head start.